Feb 17, 2008


I am at the Indy Dealer Expo. 3 days of working hard and partying hard. Last night was very cool but way too early in the morning ;-)

I have been on the road a lot since the new year, with the opening of the SX season. First Anaheim 1, then Phoenix the following weekend, then Anaheim 2 the following weekend, then San Diego, sales calls in South California, meeting with Jeff Surwall at No Fear then flight to Chicago and car to Indy. Driving back tomorrow in what is supposed to be another snow storm. Funny, I remember that when I drove down to Indy last year, I went through a pretty strong snow storm too. Starbucks here I come.

Next weekend we are going to the Atlanta SX and the DMXS party in Buckhead, then back here in Indy the next weekend, for the Indy SX. Man!!!!!!!

missing my babe, my bed, the kids, the dogs and my Xbox :)