Dec 31, 2007

December 31st, 2007

Wow!! One more year! The year of my 40th b-day has gone!!! I have started the trek towards the last stretch of my life. This one may be more challenging that I had hoped for. It is most certain that I will not be hanging out on a deserted beach in Madagascar, living the life of farniente with friends and family, enjoying coconut and fresh fish from the ocean while sipping cuba libres and caprinhas.

I haven't been good at keeping things updated on here. It's been a very busy and a bit stressful time for me with the changes at RXR Protect. I wanted to keep this blog based around my MX and SX trips and I have not managed to post anything on my journeys to Motocross Des Nations, the U.S. Open in Las Vegas and the Rockford Arenacross.

A new supercross season is starting on Saturday. One that will be very interesting. One that will surely be fun to follow. Racing should be good. Riders have changed teams, some hanged classes, new gears, new helmets... 2008 will be interesting and fun.

As for my NY resolution and all the rest.... We'll see... :)