Jan 7, 2012

Moto Limelight: A1 Tid Bits

Good little post by DS164, Anaheim 1 press-conference, the alternative way. Stick to Moto Limelight's blog too btw, along with almost-belongs-to-the-establishment-and-will-need-to-be-Occupied-soon Brotocross them Northeasterners are producing some real fun stuff, .

Moto Limelight: A1 Tid Bits: Anybody who's read a thing about the A1 Press Day already knows: 1. The top 5 are more fit than ever and ready to go. 2. The top 5 didn'...

Jan 6, 2012

The art of SX

When you see the art in SX riding. This is an amazing video by Red Bull, even if JS is actually scarier to watch in slow-mo

Dec 29, 2011

Here's comes 2012

We are 2 days away from celebrating the new year and a week away from the beginning of the 2012 AMA Supercross season. Exciting times. More so for me as I am moving to something new, exciting (bis repetita), challenging, super cool, different, rewarding and what will be some kind of a change in our family life.

I have left AGV Dainese, after 4 great years there, achieving a few good things like the return of AGV in MX with 2 new helmets, the development of the MTB segment for Dainese, in order to try to take the brand back to where it belongs, and more. I was comfortable there, I had a good living, a good crew and had tons more things to achieve, more challenges and successes ahead.

Until one day I was offered something that is difficult to refuse; a project that would demand more and better from me, a project that was exciting, that was C.O.O.L and more especially, the opportunity to work with gentlemen I have always admired and respected in this industry.

Definitely an opportunity I couldn't refuse, an opportunity that forced me out of my safe cave, but that is already so worth it and rewarding.

But enough with me. Boriiiiiiiiing!!.


We are 1 week from the end of another memorable silly-season, that's what's the most exciting part of celebrating this new year.
If last SX season was described as the best season of them all (let's keep things in perspective though, despite Ralph's enthusiasm, and Feld's PR machine, and remember that things were pretty exciting in 1985, '86, '91, '92 or '98 too); then the upcoming season looks REAL good in the 450 class. Apart from Trey Canard sidelined with another injury for the first rounds, we have a pretty heavy line up ready to take on Anaheim.

I'll be there, I want to blog more, I want to post more pics, I want to make this a fun year again.

Aug 29, 2011

Great old school Paris-Dakar video

From the time when it was a real adventure, and when Dainese dominated theAfrican desert.

Jun 12, 2011

Annual pilgrimage to High Point

One of the MX races not to miss, in my opinion. Weather was great, despite a huge rain that last 15 minutes, right before the start of 450 moto 2. Sunny, big crowd, good racing, good time. Davi rode great and showed a lot of heart despite a big crash in the last moto, on the very rutted and muddy track.

We really enjoyed visiting Morgantown and always promise our friends there to come back on a non-moto weekend, but never find the time. Bummer! It was great spending time with real good friends.

The region is also very beautiful, very hilly, very lush and green. Must be great for off-road and mtb.