May 2, 2007

Detroit 07

Well, I shoudda get back on here earlier. To tell ya'll morabout Mo-town. Nothing special though, just another pretty cool SX.

Friday night ended up at the Kart2Kart place where Tom "ZMAN" Zielinski and Supersports had a great Mini Supermoto night. Very cool event. Look pretty fun to ride. Before that I was strategizing to convince the Lady that I needed a pit-bike and had already plans to mutant Tarin's CRF100. All changed now. I want - what am I saying: I NEED a mini supermoto. Too fun. I have all the design in my head and can see the bomb flying down the straigth away at K2K 2008, at 60 mph. Voooooom!!!

So I met there with Eddie and Amanda (MXDonation's couple extraordinaire), shot some photos, had a few beers with all the really great people of Supersports, Tom, Cherie, Mike and Mike, met Dan Janette and more. Ron M was there as well as RocketRob, flying on those mini. Really cool night. Can't be missed. Alphado and Mrs. Alphado and many more.

The night ended up with some fast go-kart races (yeah I'm fast :) )