May 2, 2007

Detroit 07 (part 2)

Oh yeah, the SX.

Got downtown at 9 after a stop by one of Detroit's Starbucks (they don't have the breakfast sandwiches and no sugar-free sirup in this town, yet. WTH). A bit of an argument with the lady who was trying to charge me $20 for the parking lot (dude, working in the Industry is like donating to the Red Cross, we keep paying and get little back. Oh yeah, still we get loooots of fun, salary and all. But $20! sheesh, that's 2/3rd of my Mototalk subscription and money for Starbucks.

I decided to go say 'Jambo" to the guys in the "poor-people" pits. Stopped by Moto XXX for a quicj chat and checked the crew at the FirePoliceMX rig. Only Carlos Gonzales and Average Joe were in for Detroit. Eric Nye was hurt, Tyler Kalisiak still hurt from his horrific crash at Orlando and Kevin Rookstool gave up and pulled out of the series.

Carlos had a good race. Didn't make it to the night show unfortunately but got 5th in the LCQ, the last guy not to qualify, therefore got the Gas Card. He gave it all and has been riding well recently. I would have liked to see him in the Main, but as a sponsor and for the team, it is sad to say so, but we are getting more exposure with a Gas Card than with a 15th in the Main (we're missing on the TV time of course, but let me know when was the last time you saw the riders in 9th to 20th position on Tv and when was the last time you could see their sponsors on the bike).

While I was walking back towards the "rich people" pits, Tyler Evans' wrench got t-bone out of the Interstate and ended up on the side. Rental car destroyed. That was a bit of excitement.

All the hype in Detroit was about the East Lite final. 3 guys were in position to win the title and all the attention and pressure was on them. I really didn't think that Ryan Morais had it to win, and really thought that BT101 would win it. PC and Mitch always find the right formula for championships. It is maybe boring, maybe predictable, people want to see other teams win it, FMF get some exposure instead of PC, but respect, respect, respect. Mitch wins and wins and wins. Congratulations for having the best bikes, for finding the right riders, for having the right team.

Spent most of the day with DV and Lindsay (his new man-friend in Detroit LOL). Had a great French politics conversation with DV and Sorby in the morning. It got very interesting and pretty heated, the way us Latins do it when it comes to politics, football (yeah soccer) and women. Fun day. I got to meet Mike Sleeter for the first time and had some good bench-racing with him. Sleetdawg is a cool dude. I did some shooting during practice, had a few meetings, did some more bench-racing, met Tim Olson (congrats for the job at Yam) and went back to watch the race with Lindsay Pro Taper and Dano DVS (the famous Dano from California and Temp... I didn't say it)

DV and K-Dub gave us AWE-SO-ME intros. The Stadium was 1/3rd empty. Funny to see BT101, RM116 and DL105 all together in Heat 2. DL wins that one. DV crashes on the start of his heat and goes to win the LCQ, granting us of a sweet can-can in the last lap.

Then it was time for the Lite Main. East Coast Lite finals. Braaaaaaap, start, DL and MA are stuck at the back, almost fall. Dungey gets the holeshot, Morais is 2nd or 3rd, BT in 6 or 7. Morais is leading the championship until he stalls the bike, trying to pass Laninovich for second, or just after passing Lano for 2nd. He STALLS the bike!!!!! On lap 2!!!! Damn!!!
Dungey runs away and wins. BT passes Lano towards the end, Tommy Hahn (yeah!!!) gets a 3rd. Great job Ryan morais for coming back to 4th or 5th and DL for coming back to 9th or 10th (for more accuracy check out LOL).

BT101 is the champ. PC and Mitch win again.

The 450 race was ok. #7 gets the holeshot and good bye Sir. Ferry, Short and IT follow for a while until Chad Reed and K-Dub come back. Same boring podium, JS, Reed, Ferry. K-windham couldn't pass Red Dog for the the 3rd spot.

Again, James is afrifgginmazing and awesome ride for Ferry.

Drove out of Motown that night. Stayed in MI somewhere, South of Grand Rapids at Eddie and Amanda's. Wow, what a great region, awesome place. Eddie has his track, no one around. Green. Real countryside.

Drove back to Chicago on Sunday morning. What did I do when I got home??? I watch the Detroit SX on my DVR!!! :)