Apr 20, 2007

Got to Detroit yesterday

A long weekend in Detroit. I got in the Subaru yesterday morning for the 5h30 drive to Detroit. My first target was the grand opening of Supersports, Tom Zielinski's new moto shop. Great facility. ZMan being a fan of all things moto, MX and especially Supermoto, has done things the right way. Met with a few guys like Andy from Ogio (not Mr Bell :) ), Ron Meredith and the Moto XXX team, with #23 and Josh Summey, led by Allan.

The turn out was pretty good.

The drive to Detroit turned pretty nice as soon as I left behind the ugly parts of Gary, Indiana(Man, that is a horrible area). michigan is a beautiful state with so much green, forests, lakes. Pretty cool place to live I am sure.

Got to my hotel room late in the evening. Did a bit of work before watching boring TV.