Jul 12, 2010

Went racing DH at Nordic Mtn.

well, duh! I haven't been able to catch up and be consistent on my blog... I know, pretty lame.

After I received my new - awesome! - mountain-bike, I went straight (like 5 hours later) to race a DH at Nordic mtn in Wisconsin.
It was an easy 3 hours drive from LZ, Taao and his Jamis, Tanner and his Trek, Cheri and her Cannondale, my Commencal Meta 5.5 and me, all 4 of us, bikes, camping gear, food and drinks, all packed in the small Forester.

I will make a long story short like Kenny Watson says - all the time - and because it's easier :) and say that we had a blast of a weekend. Blast riding down this small mountain. A blast camping and meeting new people. A blast spending family time together.

We took Tanner down the Super D singletracks and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of that little 9 year-old, he's not afraid of trying things.

Taao and I raced the DH - I crashed hard in practice and injured my pinky - and it was one of the best stuff in a while. Oh yes of course I totally underestimated the course which was more technical that I was expecting. Very rocky, but really fun. Of course, not big news, but I'm actually quite a wuss! I didn't jump stuff that looked small. It's was all cool and feasible when I was on foot checking the lines but it "appeared" much higher - and hurt-able - when I was on my 26" wheels and 6 inches suspensions! :)

No matter what, i just loved it. And believe me, it ain't the last one.