Oct 9, 2009

US Open of SX 09 - Friday practice

It's good to see some racing again even if the US Open is not looking close to what it was. The pits are small, there are much fewer semis and top 10 riders than ever (as many are here but without a ride like Chad Reed, Josh Hill or IT).
The track is extremely disappointing and I would say shitty compared to previous years. It looks easier than the usual Arenacross tracks, but of course James Stewart is way above the rest (including RV2 and DM18). James managed to make the track technical by jumping combos that only him could create. On the last practice he shaved his best time by 1 second, in the last lap when all other riders had already left the track. I hope for those guys their team filmed JS7.
DM is there, strong as well as RV and a looking-good Will Hahn, Dan Reardon has speed too.

A side note to welcome Ezra Yogi Lusk (#11) to racing. He's still way off the Top 5 but looks good for a guy coming back from 5 or 6 years of retirement.

Lots of crashes and gnarly riding in the 85cc practice. Adam "the future of US motocross" Ciancarulo is here but needs to tame it a little bit if he wants to stay on 2 wheels. Only one of the kids jumped the finish line double and it looked sketchy the 2 times he tried.

Here's some easy shots from this afternoon.