Oct 8, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada, in for the US Open of SX

After a nightmarish security check-in that took 45 minutes at Chicago Midway, we ran to our Southwest flight with laptop in hand, belt around the neck, Nike Jordan no tied. Sweaty. Off for a peacefull easy flight to Las Vegas.
Spent most fo my time listening to some of Matthes' podcasts (Metcalfe, Barcia, Leisk) a bit of the last DMXS show, especially Josh Hill who's always good in those interviews. Also watched a few DH videos including the Commencal Atherton Project. All good.

In Vegas Baby. Ready to do some constructive work, trying to plan the 2010 season as much as possible, attend the Parts Unlimited Dealer Supershowcase and of course have fun at the SX. It's one of the best race to attend. All central, in the MGM, the industry is all around, it's easy for meetings and fun.

It appears Reed is out because he has no confirmed ride yet, even though he's been practicing on a green machine. JS7 is here, ready and fitter than ever, RV2 and Millsaps are in the game. It could be a good weekend.

Off to explore the Sin City.