Sep 30, 2008

Lakeland Florida by a humid September day

Landed on time, smooth flight. Had some fun viewing the latest MSNBC's Countdown and listening to some Bill Maher. Very very funny. I love satirical shows about politics. Always had, since the French "Les Guignols".

Got my Avis rental car, picked up my colleague Allan in Orlando and took the rode to Lakeland. Had a few thoughts about Lorne and the year, not so long ago 2004, when we came here the 2 of us with Tanya, for his float plane license. Good times. I miss Lorne. RIP Mister.

Got into our pretty cool hotel, the Hyatt Place - actually I like that new Hyatt chain. Cheri and I stayed in the Vegas one during the Supercross finals, back in May, and it is much better than the usual business hotels like HI Express, Best Western and the rest.

We went downtown looking for lunch and ended up in a disgusting place, on the main street, having a discussing meal. I order an "open Turkey" in the "grilled" part of the menu and got a discusting combination of what looked like Turkey slices over some bread swimming in some heavy, thick sauce. Crap, I feel sick just thinking about it. Anyway, move on Favro, not interesting!

Today we had a Dealer Showcase and Parts unlimited is always very good at organizing those. We set up our small booth, lined up our fancy helmets and worked all night. Met a few people, networked, did some B2B :-)
Positive night at work.

Packed the booth (struggled like dorks to close it up actually), walked ot the hotel where the bar had been invaded by the rest of the vendors and PU crew and had some Yengling.

Checking emails, late night, preparing tomorrow, a long drive to Miami, via Tampa (!), Ft Myers (!!!!) and Alligator Alley! ;-) Yeah, the life of a sales man in da USA.


oh yeah, the mtb story... soon.