Sep 30, 2008

goin' to the rainy Sunshine State

Chicago O'Hare airport, 6 a.m. On a Tuesday. it's rather quiet compared to Fridays Madness.
Boarding in 5 minutes for Orlando, for a 3-days business trip.

As soon as I have time (tonight?) I will tell the short story of my last cross-country mountain-bike race, for the Fall Colors Festival in the Kettle Moraines, in Wisconsin.

What about our "no bailout" deal?! Isn't that something? This morning the rest of the World's markets are plunging, reacting to the bigger loss ever in Wall Street's history and things are not looking good. Are we really heading for wide scale economic disaster, the rise of the Banana Republic of America? Hard to predict anything right now, especially in this election period, but everything imaginable is possible.
Even something like the Cubs winning the World Series!!

Shit, it's an MD-80, I hate MD-80s. Sardine cans.