Aug 17, 2008

August 16th, 2008. And it's been 4 years

I have been in San Francisco since last night. Arrived late, around 11:30 p, didn't make it to my hotel until past Midnight. Watched a bit of TV and thought about the fact that we were August 16th. It's been 4 years we've been married. Wow, that's a cool step stone for me. I like it!

It's been a good and busy day, working at the D Store with Audrey and Michael from Motoliberty in Dallas. Audrey is an important client and I really enjoyed working with them today. This evening we went to Tadisch Grill for dinner. It's my second time there and I really love this place. I believe that it is the oldest restaurant in California; something like 150 old. I recommend the cioppino. Very light and good. After dinner we jumped in a tram, going up California Street to Nob Hill. Very very cool. This has become, after a second trip and a lot of miles walking its streets, my favorite city in the U.S. I am actually very unfair to Chicago but it's simply because I have not walked the streets of the Windy City like I have done here. I have not explored authentic, real, barrios of Chicago. I also thing that the Midwest is a bit too polite, a bit too polished, and Chicago is a great representation of that.

We jumped off at Larkin street, at Nob Hill actually, and decided to walked down, on our search for that cool Irish bar with good live music. That's when we saw them, in a dark part of the street. They were walking up, at their very very slow but still full of grace pace. They were smiling, said "Good evening isn't it!" and kept walking. One of those moments where I damned myself for not having my camera. Those 2 very cute old ladies were twins and dressed in leopard fur, coat and hat. There were so many black and white photo ideas going through my mind. The skyscrapers were lost in the fog. It's one of those very cool encounters only a city like this can produce.

So, because I am a geek and I believe that the Internet is the best tool ever invented by the human, since coffee, I search for them on the Internet and I found them!!!

Introducing the Brown Twins, Nob Hill and SF icons. If you are walking in that area, around Nob Hill and Larkin street, look for them. I found that pic on the net, but that is exactly what e saw tonight.

What about Michael Phelps!! Outstanding!