Jun 7, 2008

Time management is key

I have been a slacker, un gros paresseux comme on dit en francais, as I haven't kept updating my blog. It's key to be able to manage time and run between family, friends, life, work, pleasure and... a blog... LOL. I could stop posting on MX forums and just write my replies here... nah! wouldn't work.

Anyway, I'll be back soon for more. Times are interesting. Gas prices are sky-rocketing, the economy is in crisis, Bubba is ruling MX i the US, Obama is the DNC candidate to the presidential election, Fidel Castro doesn't rule Cuba and the world is melting faster than expected (did they ever expect this anyway...)

The Darjeeling Limited and Dan in Real Life are two excellent movies. I need to travel to India someday.

I do miss playing polo too

don't forget, The Journey is the Destination...

Carpe diem.