Jun 27, 2008

It's a Vampire Weekend

Hello Friday!

Enjoy these dudes performing at Williams College back in February.

I added Get Smart to my list of seen movies. Pretty funny. Steve Carell as usual, smart, funny, simple.

I had to go for a meeting yesterday and while looking for a note pad, I pick up, out of the blue, the note pad I was using during the Cape 2 Cape project back in 2004 and fund the small note below. This will remain one of the most fulfilling human adventures I was lucky to be involved with.

"Sunday July 25, 2004 - I landed in Buenos Aires this morning. Lorne and Hempie were at the airport for my first steps on the South American continent. We had a few coffees in a small cozy restaurant while DHA was sorting out his return flight to England.
I've only been here for 5 hours but I already really like Argentina. The people are nice, this mix of Spanish, Italian, French, European background and architecture make it a very welcoming country. For me at least. It's July and the region around Buenos Aires is very green.
DHA has left now. Lorne and I are going downtown to find a hotel in order to have a good Argie night and watch the final of the Copa America between Argentina and Brasil".

Buenos Aires, July 2004