Jun 20, 2008

Friday night movie

I loved Iron Man. This is entertainment at its best. This is why we go to movie theaters. It's a good Hollywood product. RD Junior is very good, the ladies are good looking, the bad guys are real mean and the traitor is a great Jeff Bridges.
And come, his iron suit (actually it's not iron) is bad-ass, who wouldn't want to be flying faster and higher than the F-22 Raptor!

High Point weekend was a blast.

Very good for Bonifast too who after a good MXGP of France signed with CAS Honda to race the remaining of the World Championship. So Mike Brown, who looses his job again, or doesn't get paid again, or whatever, is coming back here and will ride for YOT. Wow!! That will be interesting. I think Mike still has it in him.

I have resigned from my position at RXR Protect. My involvement with the company will stop at the end of June. I have a lot to say about this, but not sure if it is appropriate yet.

My tunes mood right now is a mix of Vampire Weekend and the Shins again. I recommend you try a bit of Vampire Weekend, really good. Kind of special of course, but very fun.