Jan 8, 2011

SX: Crash Reel 2010 video

Enjoy this little teaser of things coming for us Motocross fans. It is Saturday January 8th 2011 and it is the long awaited opening of the 2011 Supercross season at the legendary Angel Stadium in Anaheim. A1! It's on and it's mega packed. I think we need to go back to 1985 or 1986 to have 4 to 6 riders who can potentially win races and the title, all healthy and lining up behind the gate. It's been a while that when walking the pits you ask someone who's their pick for a win tonight, people take time to think about it and are not sure, even if we all have a favorite, who will win.

From here on, things are going to change, riders are going to crash, some are going to get hurt, the stronger ones are going to establish a new - or a renewed - hierarchy, the weaker ones are going to settle towards the bottom 10 places. Things will become more predictable for the fan.

I am enjoying the moment, enjoying the next hours, from arrival at Angel stadium this morning, the track walk, the vibrant pits, the full house stadium trepiding in anticipation at opening ceremonies this evening when 7 pm comes. The roar of the first gate drop.

Here's a little video crash compilation from last season. Interesting to note how much Ryan Dungey, on his way to his first SX title as a rookie, and Ryan Villopoto crashed.