Jan 14, 2011

Quick snapshots from Anaheim 1, 2010

As usual I did more work that I hope for, but isn't that what we all hope on a Saturday :-) Yeah, I know, he said "rest on the 7th day".

Nothing special, just some pics with moto in it

 Stephan "Lebig" Legrand from LebigUSA.com and Uber photographer Jeff Kardas.

German wonder boy, Ken Roczen, on his way to blitzkrieg the West Coast SX Lites series. Ken is an awesome kid. That guy is a bowl of fresh air in SX.

 Still shooting catalogs and official pics.

Davi's wrench, Alex Ewing working on the #18

Lars and his new pony for 2011, Chad Reed's Honda

Travis was at the Smith Optics booth :-)

Davi before the first practice of the year.

Getting the GoPro set for qualies

Old pals, Goose and Berlutti

Brayton getting in the staging area.