Apr 9, 2010

The author has been MIA since Indy??!

Well, don't think I haven't been traveling since the Indy SX. I actually think I haven't stopped traveling, be it for race-support of the business side of our industry.

After Indy I travelled to the Atlanta SX where Davi got 3rd behing Trey Canard, then to the Dallas SX where he scored a great 2nd, ahead of Trey.

Winter has gone it seems even though the temperature and the rain don't always play nice for the motorcyclists or the mountain-bikers in the area.

Next week is St Louis SX. I'll be there (instead of attending my preferred Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA). 4 more races and this season is over. I hope Davi is going to keep pushing and produce great rides like he has done this season, gunning at Josh Hill's 3rd overall spot.

It's Friday, I got some work to do. MotoGP Free Practice starts in a few minutes, good background sound for my office :-)