Feb 11, 2010

Where have you been? Davi won San Diego SX

My apologies to my 2 or 3 readers (Hi Fred!) but I have been wide open with the sales part of this cool job I have and getting ready for the Indy DealerExpo 2010 which is taking place this weekend in the city of the same name.
I haven't been to San Diego SX and won't make it to A3 due to conflicting schedule, duh!

We always knew Davi had the speed to race in the Top 5, now he has up'd his game, got rid of stuff he didn't need and scored 2 podiums in a row, with a 3rd at SF and a win in San Diego, on a very difficult track.

I keep repeating myself like the senile old man I am turning into but remember people, these are the first AMA SX podiums for AGV since 1997, the year Ezra 'Yogi' Lusk took the win at Atlanta and Orlando and added 3 more podium finishes to the record. The following season when he moved to Honda in 1998, Yogi was still wearing an AGV lid, but branded Fox Racing this time.

After 13 years of drought (and a lack of interest in the off-road market due to the way things evolved with Fox and the fact that AGV went through 3 different ownership - including Lazer helmets where the last MX lids were actually developed by AGV in Alessandria), we are back on top, thanks to Millsaps and his #18.

So, I'm off to the Dealer Expo and all it's exciting new goodies. Come heck us at the AGV Dainese booth, we've got some hot stuff!