Jan 5, 2010

5 Days til Anaheim 1, 2010

Thinks are getting heated. We are 5 days before the first SX races and still rumors are flying around. Apparently Josh Grant crashes hard this afternoon while praticing for A1 and was sent to the ER.
Yesterday the Nike MX boots finally came out in the open with confirmation that both Ryan Dungey and James Stewart will be wearing them at A1. very surprising for JS7 since he was under contract with an Italian brand until 2011.

On our side, we are getting there Davi Millsaps' AGV helmets are being painted and Gautier Paulin has received his. GP21 has actually been giving us some good exposure recently with a mag cover in France, a video and a few super good shots from French photog Stephan Lebig.

The Motoverte.com video by Lebig.

On all of those GP is wearing the MTX.

He has since received his AX8 painted and ready for his first American Supercross.