Dec 7, 2009

I'm all for the electric-revolution

For sure, I don't believe that the electric bikes can yet replace our athmospheric-engine powered motorcycles but the recent evolutions seen in the electric-bike segment are very promising. I, for one, have been very much interested and hoeful that we have better electric-bikes on the market by 2011-2012.
The Zero bikes are cool and working pretty well already (despite a minor recall a few months ago) but still looking a bit too mountain-bik-ish and don't have the suspensions the "real" dirt bikes offer, yet.

But KTM and the European-built Quantya are slowly developing the perfect electric-bike that offers proper off-road suspensions. Some forest rangers over Europe already use the Quantya for work.

I do not really want to see motocross racing replace with electric-bikes racing but I am all for electric enduro, and having access again to areas and forests forbiden to the piston-engines today. The electric-bike revolution can give us access to more riding area and bring it back closer to home.

The world’s first international enduro race for zero emission electrical motorcycles (no CO2 and no noise) will take place December 11th to 13th, while the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) takes place in Copenhagen.
The event include two days of racing around the wooded countryside south of Copenhagen, followed by a big finale in the center of the city.
The racing has already attracted several international star names, which is exciting, that help to show the world that it can indeed be fun to be environmentally sound and include Motocross World Championship and Rally Dakar like 5 times World Champion Joël Smets, former World Champion Pål Anders Ullevålseter, Winner of Central Europe Rally, David Casteu (4th in Dakar 2009) and Danish Grand Prix winner Brian Kjær Jørgensen.
The International Eco Enduro is approved by the FIM and supported by Danish Year of Sports 2009. The event will be covered by Eurosport, RTL and French TV, among others.