Nov 26, 2009

The Return of the Nine-Three-Four!

With the release of the 2010 AMA allocated riders numbers, a big part of Franco-American MX history went away when Jake Weimer was allocated the #12 that represented David Vuillemin for so many years.
DV has moved on, retired from active racing and went back to his first AMA digits, those he was wearing on his herseys when he came to the US, those 3-digits number that were so cool for French riders, fans of US MX. Like the #111 used by JMB, the #934 marked the Cobra's definite move to the US at the time.

For me the nine-three-four represents DV more than the 12, because it's with his 3-digits signature that he entered and marked MX and SX racing on this side of the Atlantic.

DV934 is back!! Very cool actually. David posted these 2 pics on his Facebook account today, as he was workingo on a "MX riding tips" DVD shoot.