Nov 16, 2009

Doug Henry Rides Again

Doug Henry has always been one of those heros of American motocross, one of those tough but extremely nice guys I always looked up to. Defying pain, fate and life-threatening injuries along his career Doug always came back, and did it with brava, coming back to the top of his sport.

In 1995 he severely broke his back at Budds Creek. He came back, stronger and was winning motos again by the the end of 1996.
In 1997, he suffered a double broken wrist injury, at Budds Creek.
Healed, worked hard and came back in 1998 to win the AMA Outdoor Nationals title, on the Yamaha YZF400, giving the 4-strokes its first title in modern motocross.

Doug enjoyed semi-retirement, racing MX races here and there and joining the Yamaha Supermoto team, winning the X Games but suffered another severe injury when he broke his back in a Supermoto crash in 2007, resulting in partial paralysis from his waist down.

But the man who won the 1993 AMA SX East title, the 1993 & 1994 AMA 125 Motocross titles, the 1998 AMA Motocross title, an X Game Gold Medal and is a AMA Hall of Fame member, wasn't going to sit in a wheel-chair and wait for life to go by.

Doug started to learn how to walk again, on his own, on crutches and of course, Doug decided he wanted to ride MX again.

Respect. Speechless. Admiration.

Doug Henry 2009 from DB Studios on Vimeo.