Oct 10, 2009

US Open Main - Saturday

Rv holeshots and leads DR and Bubba.
Blose 4, Byrne gets DM for 5

Crazy JS7 gets DR wildly in lap 3, now he's chasing RV. 18 got 26.

Stewart is so fast and catching up on RV like lighting.

Lap 8 Stewart is breathing down RV's neck. Yogi's doing good midpack.

Bubba takes the lead on lap 10. Reardon steady 3rd; lap 11 JS has already pulled a full straight away on RV.
Lap 13, strangely it looks like Byrner is coming back on DM.

Lap 15, Bubba is gone with RV in 2. Slowly Millsaps and Byrne are creeping on Reardon.

Lap 19 Davi gets by DR122

Final: JS, 2, 18, 122, 26

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