Oct 10, 2009

Main Event

It's on!
Hansen, Millsaps JS RV all lined up next to each others.
Bubba holeshot, Hansen, Blose down in first lap

Reardon in 2, Goerke 3rd after 2 laps

Byrne and #54 collide lap 3

Lap 5: JS, DR, Goerke, DM, Craig, RV

Millsaps on a roll, passed Goerke, Christian Craig loses front end, RV now in 5

Crap, lap 9 RV's bike is down, mechanical (bent shifter). He was flying though the whoops though, too bad

Davi passes Reardon for 2nd in the exit of the whoops. Craig is in 5th. Hansen looks good and fast, just got bars tangle at the start.

Bubba wins, DM a strong second, DR122, Goerke and great for Craig in 5th

Friday Night Open Class Results
1. James Stewart, Yamaha
2. Davi Millsaps, Honda
3. Dan Reardon, Honda
4. Matt Georke, Yamaha
5. Christian Craig, Yamaha
6. Cole Siebler, Honda
7. Tyler Bowers, Yamaha
8. Nick Wey, Yamaha
9. Chris Blose, Honda
10. Michael Byrne, Suzuki