Sep 19, 2009


Well, another very slow time on this blog. I have been very good at not writing recently, despite traveling a lot. From Parts Unlimited's NVP (the dealer showcase where they introduce most 2010 products) where I had the chance to meet Jeremy McGrath, to the Indy MotoGP to traveling around the Midwest and California, for sales, I have been on the road a lot.
This makes time spent with family and friends very valuable and enjoyable. At least I have been riding my Triumph Tiger as much as possible for my dealers visits recently, and been trying to get on the mountain-bike as often as I can. I introduced Tanner to BMX tracks and we've been having a blast together, learning things on the dirt. I am riding with my 26" MTB which is very cool.

Next week I am off ot Vegas for Interbike 2009. The big celebration of all things cycling. It's the 4th time I am going there and it's one of the best trip of the year. We are introducing the new Dainese mountain-bike and road cycling lines, which is going to be kick-ass.