Apr 30, 2009

Time flies and we have 1 more SX to go

Been pretty good at not being good with this blog.

We're 48 hours from the finales of the 2009 AMA Supercross series. Reigning Champ Chad Reed is 6 pts behind James Stewart before the last 20 laps. 6 points that summarize this exciting, unnerving, crazy, shocking season to the best. 6 points to sum up this SX bitter rivalry between Reedy and Bubba. A rivalry that has taken us back to the golden years of Supercross with Bob Hannah versus everyone else, or the great battles of Damon Bradshaw vs. Jeff "Chicken" Matiasevich.

Even if James Stewart has been the fastest all season long, he has not been the most consistent and Chad, until his nightmare night in Seattle, has proven that he could win this championship and win it with pride and merit. 2009 brought a new Chad to the stage and this guy deserves a lot of props because he is much faster than the Chad of 2008, fiter and smarter. Even though I am openly a fan of James Stewart, I have really enjoyed watching Reed race this season and have a renewed respect for the way he handled this season, throughout the battles and brain games with his arch-nemesis. A rivalry that started a few seasons ago at Unadilla when those two were on 250Fs.

James should be able to win on Saturday night at Sam Boyd Stadium, as much as he can throw the title away by crashing under pressure or by pushing it to the limits of grip on the hard-pack Las Vegas dirt. As a fan, I trust that the #7 will take it, but as an observer of SX, I know that things can go the St Louis-way for the L&M rider.

Well, I have more to write about. Here's the Las Vegas SX track.

As we see dusk settle on the 2009 SX season and dawn rise on a new year of Motocross, as the 2009 AMA Outdoors National approaches, rumors are flying as fast as F-22s darting on Taliban positions in the Swat territories. We hear noises about Mike Alessi leaving the Factory Suzuki team, we hear that Chad may ride some Outdoors, that Bubba may ride some, that K-Dub will be at Glen Helen, that Factory Honda may not come back in 2010, that Ryan Dungey would be changing the color of his gear in 2010 and come back in red, or will it be blue, that there is trouble brewing at Monster Energy and that some internal issues are being taken care right now which could have some strong influence on Jason Lawrence's future in motocross, or if these rumors are founded, does this mean that J-Law will start to walk straigth and do what teams and sponsors expect from professional riders? Mate, if you start listening to all these rumors, or start believing in them, you could write a Fantasy novel... or not... political fiction? Reports? ;-)