Mar 12, 2009

Goin' Down to New Orleans

La Nouvelle-Orleans like it used to be called long time ago, before a French emperor, or was it a king, sold it away.

There's been a lot of melt-downs and sweet Internet drama this week, on Mototalk and Vital MX, following Jason Lawrence's performance in Daytona. Of course the people who dislike the character state that he cheated and therefore should be DQ'd, his fans and the rest of the more pragmatic people just agree that it is a fact J-Law cut the track in the 1st corner, but did he really have a better choice in veiw of the mayhem that was happening on the ground in front of him. Ibelieve that the start of a race is the most stressful moment, with high adrenaline levels and very fast heart rate and when things happen in a split second, there is not much left for "thinking right". Bubb has been accused of the same kind of things when he collided with Travis Preston a few years ago, or when he crashed trying to pass RC, twice, including the mega crash at Unadilla in '06.

I think that often, the strong critics forget in what state of mind the riders are during a race. But anwa, everybody's entitled to an opinion. In 5 or 6 years from now, what will remain in the book of records is that Jason Lawrence finished 2nd at the Daytona SX 2009, for his first SX race.

Going to down to Louisiana for the first time tomorrow. Big AGV night for me tomorrow night, then some Dainese business on Saturday morning, before going to the race. Supercross returns to New Orleans. Pretty cool. Lot can happen in SX, Bubba needs to win the next 7 rounds to have a chance to win the title and Chad has to protect his lead while Short, Tedesco, DM18, Alessi, RV, Grant fight for the 3rd spot, all this jambalaya mixed with a bit of J-Law spice, could make for lots of fun races.

I hope Iam not tuck with my huge 6-helmets bag tomorrow and especially hope the bag make sit to Louis Armstrong International in 1 piece. Oh and it's Friday the 13th! TGIF!

Two good read for this week, first of all Steve Mattes' Daytona Observation and the always very good read of Andy Bowyer's Thursday Rev Up.

Note hat for the New Orleans round, team Hart & Huntington will wear special One Industries gear and bike graphics, in support of Brad Pitt's Make it right foundation and the Pink Project, in support of Hurricane Katrina relief.