Dec 18, 2008

There is a Winter storm over the Chicagoland

Well well well, another period with lack of activity on this, becoming boring I concede, blog :) I have been traveling for work a bit in the last 15 days. AGV Dainese USA had a sales/marketing/strategy meeting at our Costa Mesa office early in the month. Very interesting meetings where I learned a lot and built up as much info as possible in order to be better and more performing in my daily job activity.
For some business matters, I also got the opportunity to meet with Tag Gasparian, the artist behind Tagger Designs, at his Lake Elsinore studio. Tag is a very cool guy with tons of ideas and creativity. I hadn't realized the amount of cool stuff he has done until I got there.
One of the nights, we had a company outing to the K1 Speed gokart track in Irvine. Electric karts! Impossible to get any grip. It was a pain in the neck to try to be smooth. After a while I thought that maybe the idea was drifting and I tried to imitate Tanner Foust, without success. LOL!

It was very cool driving from Costa Mesa to Lake Elsinore early on a Sunday morning because I saw a lot of pick-up trucks with MX or off-road bikes. People still going for it. The track at Lake Elsinore had a good number of riders too. I didn't see any one at the Kawi SX track though, on both drives.
From Orange County, Paolo and I flew to Albuqurque, New Mexico where we rented a car and drove the 55 miles to Santa Fe. Wow, what a beautiful part of the country. Amazing. Scenery at its best. Man, this is mountain-bike paradise! Of course it was way, way, colder than I expected, as I had forgotten that NM lays at about 5,000'. We spent the day in meetings in Santa Fe and ended up in a really cool cantina for lunch. If you're in Santa Fe, try Maria's Santa Fe cantina. Very good food, great atmosphere.
That same day we drove back to Albuquerque, jumped in a Southwest flights to Dallas Love Field. It was freezing in Dallas. Freezing! Next day meetings, visited 2 of our partners and flew back to Chi-town.

Traveling is cool, but can be a shag at times.

3 weeks to Anaheim 1. Things are getting interesting. There's been some drama about Moto XXX on the forums, following a small comment on Racerhead. It's funny how temper get heated and gossips go flying fast. I wish good luck and lots of success to Allan Brown, I'm sure that he has great plans ahead.

So, dare I say that I think that James Stewart will win this SX series. Chad Reed will probably end up 2nd, but RV is a big outsider and will be a thorn in the boot of the Suzuki rider.
Again, the Lites will be the most exciting series with tons of talents, lots of cool young riders and the return of solid guys like Dungey, arch-rival Lawrence, Trey Canard, Weimer. What will Wharton do, what will Pourcel do, those are very interesting questions at this point, but I hope that both take it easy.

OK, there's this massive (if you listen to the weatherman) Winter storm coming on Chicago. There's a lot of drama as usual, but so what 12, 14 inches of snow, this is not new. I mean, life is worse in Bagdhad, no?