Dec 31, 2008

SX 2009: D -3 and Red Bull No Limits

As the teams are converging onto Anaheim's Angel Stadium, Racer X reported a small rumor that if coming out to be true, would be another amazing marketing move.

According to Racer X, Jason Lawrence's party (no pun intended) didn't come to terms with Fox Racing and J-Law would be moving to One Industries for the 2009 season. OMG! If this is really happening, One Industries would end up with two of the bitter rivals of our sports in the USA. Both Jason Lawrence and Minnesota wonder Ryan Dungey dislike each other openly. I think that the rivalry even developped into "hatin'" for RD10 and the recent Supercross Preview show that aired on CBS really made sure that his would come out loud and clear during Ryan's interview. Those 2 guys had stormy battles, on and off the track, in 2008 and 2009 can only promise to be better, stronger, and Kathrina-esque!

If it's true, I am very surprisd that a pro athlete like Lawrence who has one of the most famous and experienced agent in the industry used and rode Fox Racing gear during the off-season, if no deals had been finalized. That was definitely extra exposure for the Morgan Hill crew as J-Law is constantly on the radar of the mx-paparazi scene, a bit like the othe J-Lo ;-)

If this is confirmed though, I can only be in admiration for another amazing marketing move by the guys at One Industries who will have both rivals under their flag. What a fun year it is going to be for the One Ind. advertizers, man, I am jealous! :-)
In doing so, One tells people that they cover the full spectrum of the MX scene, from the very well behaved, clean cut, kids to the bad boyz.
In an industry where paying athletes is really worth it as long as they bring you big media coverage, what better move than this, knowing that these 2 guys, thanks to their bitter rivalry and racing skills, should be all over the press for the years to come.

Robbie Maddison is nuts and that's really cool for us!

My friend Ron Joynt of DeCal Works is very excited about this because Maddo will wear DeCal Works graphics/decals on his YZ250 tonight in Las Vegas:

After attempting the long distance jump on a motorcycle on December 31st 2007, reaching 322 feet (or 98.14 meters), Maddo will go at it again tonight in Las Vegas and attempt another crazy jump, during the Red Bull New Year's No Limit, live on ESPN. I don't want to go into the description of what this is really - a crazy but very well prepared jump by a crazy but very pro and cool Australian rider - basically Robbie will jump 98ft high onto the top of the Las Vegas' Arc de Triomphe, then drop 100ft down on the other side.

Steve Matthes did a quick interview of Maddo for Racer X.

To give you an idea, check this photo of the ramp (thanks to Racer X for the steal):

Things can go wrong. Check this vid' of Maddo close-call practicing.