Oct 3, 2008

waiting for Flight AA711

Leaving warm and humid Florida for the cooler temperature of Fall in Illinois.
We should be boarding the MD-80 in the next fiver minutes. Oh darn, another MD-80. What can't I get a B767 once in a while!!

It's officially MX off season after last weekend's MX des Nations in England which saw Team USA win for the 19th time. Wow! We're now officially in the silly-season but most of the big names are set for '09 and we're only waiting to hear about the "lower ranked" boys.
L&M will announce Bubba and maybe Kyle Chisholm today.

We have a MotoGP at Phillips Island, AUS, and I hope Vale will sport his new Black and white AGV lid.

So, while I'll be flying, Congress will vote on the bailout. Will they pass it? Not sure but the world is evidently in a strong recession and the depression is next door if they don't act. Actually even if they act, the future is inevitable, I don't see things getting better for a few years.

Oops, boarding