Oct 15, 2008

Got my december digital issue of Racer X

Always very exciting to receive and flick through Racer X. Now it comes in digital version so I check it out before I receive the hard copy. I am still an old school (addicted) magazine reader and still like the ol' paper so I don't really read the articles in Racer X digital version or any other digital version but I go through, check the new ads and photos, look for something that would spark my interest.

First ad that spits at you very loud is the new Fox Platinum pants. Oh my!!!! Not my style for sure, I'm too old and too self-conscious for that, but it will work with the teens and post-teens. The Shift in black with rasta plaid is quite cool. A few pages later, I am not a real fan of the One Ind. blue Defcon gear, although I think that the other colors are awesome.

There is an amazing shot of Bubba destroying a berm at Southwick by Brian Wilcox on page 18.

Rupert spotted on Page 20 and that ad for Factory FX makes me wonder... how many dudes have a Hot Wheels graphic kit on their 450s....???

Double page No Fear ad with kids, those colors and graphics will definitely work with the young crowd.

The Tag, 661 and Sunline ads have been very smart since Big E and SND have join the Valencia crew. They have some very good and pretty creative ones.

I like the Answer old school a-la-O'Show gear. Always been a fan of O'Mara and RD10 has a lot of him in his style IMO.

Actually I do read some of the features online and DC's Reason For Being is one of them. Nice little update from Mr. Motocross on the buzz and "tribulations" regarding the rejuvenised 2009 AMA MX series.

Muscle Milk is goood :-)

Funny quote from James Stewart: "Please tell Matthes that I weigh exactly 148.7 pounds. Tell him I weigh as much as his left arm!"... LOL!

Holy Schmoly!!! I didn't know that BMW had hired Knight and Salminen for '09. Holy cow!! Talk about going for it! Congrats.

Damn, I never entirely finish those crosswords, I always end up with 2 or 3 left ones. Aaargh!

The Nationals Wrap-up is full of great photos.

Cool Factory Backing ad with Ashley Fiolek on page 169 makes me proud to see her with an RXR chest-protector on. Congrats to Ashley and her dad Jim btw, for their great achievement in 08.

There's a good interview with Andrew Short and it reminds me that I really like him as a rider and as a personality. Someone full of respect off the track and going for it wide open on the track. I don't know if Shorty will ever win a "big class" championship but he would definitely stay as one of the top riders of the decade.

All the goggles ads (Spy, Oakley, VZ, Dragon, Scott, Fox, Thor, SMX, Blur, etc, etc) makes me wonder how do they do it in shuch a competitive market with low margins. Talk about having competition and being saturated. Gosh!
Same goes for the decals companies btw. Oh my my my!! Sa-tu-ra-tion!!

Team USA won the 2008 Motocross DES Nations! ;-)

Finally, Page 288, "Inside motocross" is awesome.

Okay little monkeys, you know where to get it and subscribe, go for it, it's always fun and super worth it. It usually takes me a month to read my Racer X entirely and I still have some old ones I haven't finished.

Check it here: Racer X

Mr. Coombs