Oct 18, 2008

2008 US Open of SX

For the first time in years, Cheri and I didn't make it to the US Open of Supercross at the MGM in Vegas. It has always been one of our favorite moto trip as the racing has always been enjoyable and the party going on for 72 hours.

So here I am, resting from a 12 miles muntain-bike ride in the beautiful Fall of Illinois, with pizza and Diet Coke (yes, nasty food, not really matching the search for fitnss, healthy lifestyle and 5 pounds less), watching it on CBS and drooling on what I missed!
Let's see if this is good TV.

At least it starts with a great portrait of Grant "The Zulu Warrior" Langston and a flashback on his '07 victory at the Open and 2007 year. Although the commentator needs to learn that GL did not win the 2007 "Supercross Outdoor Class Championship", but rather the 2007 AMA Outdoor MX champion. Good interview. GL is a class guy.
Good ads and very cool Rockstar Energy ad. Wow, that's $$.

"It was cool looking down a different fender". Nice piece on Bubba.

Wow, questions to Kyle beaton, Scott champion, Tommy Hoffmaster, wow. Good surprise to see those guys getting time on the mic.
I'm liking that Honda rear white fender.
Man, FC has a strong line-up for 2009.
Brock Hepler is using the A-Stars neck-brace.

Man, watching CR22 and JS ride, I really can't wait for A1. Reed is such a smooth rider, it's still awesome to watch after all these years. Man, why does he need to act like a bitch all the time. Now that he is in RC4's team he says they had respect for each other when they were racing. I call B.S. Chad. Of course he underlines that this "respect" doesn't exist between him and JS. I guess it's good for TV and for the fans. Rivalries are good for the sport. Too bad Chad Reed is always the one playing the bitch in that movie. So maybe it's good actually that CR talks he way he does. His fans like him more for that and his "haters" get more anti. What do I really think?? Not sure, my first reaction was "oh man, why do you even have to mention that. And don't you remember bitching about RC. On the other end I thought that it's good for the SX fan. People like fights between athletes, it's very UFC, very Vegas, very Rockstar. It works.

Good short brief on the AX series.

Josh Hill is a cool guy. Too bad for him he got caught in some bad press earlier this year, he is definitely potential Top 5 in the future.
Dungey... anybody sees future Mega Star in that kid! 200% RD rocks on the track, has a great attitude and is good with the fans. Can't wait to see him dominate the 450 class one day soon. For a kid that came for the B class, great story.

Wow, Bubba in control over the tuff block and still clocks the fastest time.

Short summary of Friday night racing. OK. Nothing great, nothing exciting, they missed the crashes and didn't really show the battle between Short, Tedesco and Brayton.

The new Baja game looks good. Graphics seem pretty realistics on the ad.

OK, new track for Saturday night.. Oh gosh, my puppy is standing by the couch and farting like nobody. How can so much stincky gas come out of such a small stomach, Kali man, you stink!! I guess it's our fault, we'll have to check his diet. Oh man, another nasty Chernobyl-like clou coming my way.

Hey Millsaps, good to see you. Oh, gone already. Yeah!!! MX des Nations summary (more like summary of a summary).

Hey Trey Canard. Ice-T will be faaaast in '09. IMO.
Oh my!! They interview a privateers piting out of his pick up truck, doing his own mechanic, and no name. TV Dudes!!!! Respect to #556.

I enjy the "Race of Champions", too bad they didn't manage to bring more guys but man, The Chicken and the Beast from the East... That is awesome. Great old footage, great memories. And the fastest is still Damon Bradshaw. DV must be happy (by the way, happy birthday to DV12!!)

Tedesco is a real question mark for me. He has never really adapted to the big class and been plagued by injuries since he left Pro Circuit. I believe that he's definitely Top 10 if he stays healthy in '09 but can he win Supercrosses or Outdoor Nationals on the 450? I don't know. I hope.

That Thor gear Reedy is wearing is fugly.

So Dungey for #10 and Izzi got #20 for '09. That's cool. Ryan D looks really fast.

Here we go, Saturday night main. Oh no, not yet. Miniview of Byrne. I guess we'll have the last Rockstar rider, Izzi, before the Main.

Yeah, the Weege and Holley commening the Main. Alleluiah!
That 30-Seconde girl is perfectly dressed for a porno shoot in Vegas.

Holeshot: JS? No, Reed? CR bubbles in the whoops. Wow, it's cool.
mid-race, those 2 guys are fast but Stewart seems a little bit faster as he's been coming closer, laps after laps. Of course the cameras are stuck on the 2 leaders, so no real fun watching battles in the back. Wow, JS is putting th pressure on.
CR is increased the gap again. He's on form. Side by side. Pressure. JS has a tiny wobble at the end of the whoops. Woaaaaaaaaaa, wha a freaggin' crash!! Reedy is lucky nothing is broken. OMG.
Stewart put the pressure, kept pushing and Reed cracked. Ok, the racing was cool and must have been much better for those in the MGM Grand Arena.

Stewart looks good on the blue bike. 2009 is going to be a good year for Yamaha. Larry and Mike looked very happy with their new recruit.
Yes, I don't like that gear CR had.

Show is over. All good, well it was fun watching the boys race SX again. 09 will be good. CBS did a good job on this one.

OK, off to the movies.