Sep 14, 2008

sunday morning at the IMS

Early wake up, dash to get a rental car and dashed back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Weather is still good.but very humid and clouds are threathening on the horizon. Unfortunately it is supposed to really rain a lot today. It could be bad for racing as the riders are not comfortable with this track if wet.
I'm enjoying breakfast in the Red Bull suite, while Simoncelli just crashed, as well as Kalio. 250 warm-up is on.Nothing serious, just a low-side but watching the footage on TV, Simoncelli can thank those Dainese titanium elbow protection.
Rossi and Simoncelli are on the pole, both in MotoGP and 250, so it's all good for the AGV/Dainese camp.
Ok, gotta finish those scrambled eggs and sausage.