Sep 4, 2008

SF on a Thursday night

Meetings and work done. Met a very nice couple and happy to be working with them more in the future.
I'm at the D-Store, 6:45 p.m. My flight is a 11 tonight. Killing time, working a bit more (and blogging, lol) and getting some emails out.

San Francisco is still a very cool town.

One thing I wanted to report: I don't like European tourists when they travel in herds. Bad behavior, no ethic, too many Euros and Euro too strong for the $. Some of those people shouldn't be traveling.
I won't even describe the scene at breakfast at The Opal hotel this morning because I don't have enough words in my vocabulary for that but I imagine the morning of Thanksgiving weekend sales at Best Buy or the rush for bread in remote "famine'd" parts of Africa when the U.N. C-130 Hercules come dropping bags of rice. I should have let a big nice smelly fart go off in the middle of that crowd.... Sorry, my bad.

but the best was when 4 French tourists walked in the D Store yesterday, walked straigth to the espresso machine without asking anything to any one or even talking to anyone. Helped themselves to 4 espresso (espressi in proper Italian) and walked away. I was baffled. I couldn't believe it. The quarter French in me went boiling. Putain!!!

OK, got to go walking the city for a while before heading to SFO.

Ciao a tutti.