Sep 2, 2008

Post-Labor Day 08

This is a short week but it will be another fast one. I'm traveling again, for a short 3-days trip to Norcal. Not very exciting as far as journey though since I'll spend most of those three days in the shop.
We had a pretty cool, mellow, Labor Day weekend. On Saturday I went riding in Deer Grove Forest, did my small 11 miles loop. Took the trail with the down hill and the river jump again. Gosh I'm a wuss with that one. Looked at it for ever. Nothing hard, nothing dangerous. Just mental issues. With jumps...
Sunday we took the little one with us on a fun day in Wisconsin. Introduced him to the trails of the Kettle Moraine South and I can say that we were very proud. He rode his Jamis like a champ, reaching some unpredictably fast speeds in the small rock gardens. Gotta remember to bring all protection gear for him next time, not only the helmet. After a short ride, we took him to a trout farm where we had a fishing-palooza. 11 trouts (and 11 lbs later) we were happy. A small hike up a lookout and hill where American Indians used to celebrate the Wind and we were off back to LZ.
Good weekend, capped a nice cold beer watching some Olympics BMX and the Misano MotoGP. Darn, what is happening with Simoncelli!! That's 2 races in a row that he blows the win.

Steel City this past Saturday saw the end of the AMA Outdoor Nationals. I was pretty bummed not to make the trip. That last race of the season is always good celebration. Overall, we can only say that it was a good season. No major injuries (although Mike Alessi did scare us for a while), some interesting racing despite Bubba's ulter domination. Ferry, Short, Byrne, Cooper, Mike Alessi (A.D. Red Bud) and others did give us some good MX. Too bad the Yamaha boys Hepler and Hill got inconsistent or injured because it's obvious that they would have been candidate for more Top 5 finishes. Hepler especially.

This is becoming the fun time of the year. Even though we still have 1 more major race as the Motocross Des Nations hits the UK this year, we have entered the mighty silly-season. Who's going where, when and on what bike, with what gear, what helmet. I always loved that time and I can't wait for Anaheim 1, to see all these new stuff.
We all know that Reed goes to Factory Suzuki and Stewart to L&M Yamaha. But where will Millsaps, Josh Grant, Josh Hansen, Cooper, Short, end up. Rumors also say that Kevin Windham and Millsaps will be wearing Shoei lids and no more Arai. Dungey is also rumored to have signed a 3-years contract with One Industries to wear their new MX gear. More will happen. Fun.

OK, gotta try to nail some of these promising clients and get ready for my trip.

I need to go riding too later.