Sep 25, 2008

Interbike 2008, Las Vegas

Blogging from my Blackberry while having a snack and giving my destroyed knees a rest.
Interbike is my favorite trade show. I've been to motorcycle ones, business travel, luxury travel ones and aviation ones (although I did get mind-boggled at those, especially Le Bourget), this one is the coolest. It's probably the biggest bicycle show in the world and brings together all tribes of the cycling world and all manufacturers of everything cycling and believe me there's some crazy stuff.
Well, the show is very crowded, very busy, and this industry is in very good shape. Thanks for sure to gas at $4/gallon in the US.
Fox, 661, Scott, Oakley are in full force with cool booth. I notice a new brand of protection, POC, with some interesting stuff, but... Not as good as Dainese's of course ;-)
By the way, it was a good business day for me.

For the mtbikers, the Shimano Saint system is amazing. Truvativ's Hammerschmidt too and the Jamis XAM 2 will have it on next year. There are some real cool bike out there.
Ok, 1 more meeting to go to. Aloha!