Jul 10, 2008

Do you really thing Italians drive fast?

and YES! They do! They don't only drive fast (I meant like real fast and really fast), they drive as fast as they can until there's another car in front of them, to which point they jump with both feet on the break and stop (well, terminology could be debated here and some could say "slow down with negative G's", other could call it a "smoke your tires as much as you can" stop). You don't even have time to wonder whether what your seeing is Saint John's beard welcoming you in Paradise (well, hey, we're not far from Vatican City) or if it's just the replica plastic puddle dog sitting in the back of the car in front of you that you're now touching with your nose than your driver (and colleague and actual boss) is already flat-footing the accelerator and the ugly thing that Renault called the "Espace" is already on its back wheels. Ye, you can wheelie an Espace. Or not :-)

But for real, Italians do drive very fast through 4-foot wide roads, in between cars, into parking lots, out of gas stations, all the freaggin' time!!

Peace out!!