Nov 3, 2007

Nov. 03, 2007

Saturday morning. Fall. Probably my favorite time of the year despite the chilly mornings. Colors of the world are gone orange, yellow and reds. Very enjoyable to ride, mtb or mx. Best rides are Fall rides, for sure.

It's silly season in MX but super-silly-season at RXR. The company and its US distributor are reviewing things and changing the business model in the US. Where does that leave me? Well, the best case scenario is that I get moved to RXR's new structure in the US, the worst case scenario is that I end up on or LOL!

Watching some French soccer but getting ready to take the Lady on a small MTB ride. We've got our favorite place, not too far from home, the Deer Grove Forest Preserve in Palatine, IL. There are plenty single-trails to have fun in there (and I often get lost, as stupid as this can sound, I do actually get lost, 4 miles in each direction from major roads. I get lost trying to make my way through rivers and gorges.). The easiest one is a 5.7 miles loop.
OK, gotta go get ready.
Rock on!