Sep 8, 2007


Not been writing for too long but too many, or rather, so many things going on. Happening.
The Sunday before Loretta Lynn's I crashed hard on my 450, at KI Tracks (Oregon, IL). Track was wet, I high-sided on a step-up, got kicked out of the bike and went head first in the ground. My back bent backward. Sharp pain in the middle of the back, like at T7. Small concussion. Ambulance ride to Dixon's hospital. Couldn't move a lot at the time. X-Ray, CAT-Scan and good news, nothing broken, just a severe back contusion. 2 days later I went to Loretta's 2007.

Well, this ding on my head didn't help. I reached 40 on July 12, and somehow, since the crash (chiropractor sessions oblige) I an not in a hurry, not really motivated, to go back to ride MX twice a week and every weekends. I feel more like I want to take my time, rather have fun going off-road, exploring new places, getting more fun and probably more time on the bike. Not sure though.
My passion and practice of MX had also became a very selfish - me alone and no family sport. Of course Tanner comes once in a while, but at 6, I don't want to push him and it's not like we can go all the time. So I ended up doing it on my own, with ,y friends (which is very important).
Somehow, I am looking at spending more time with CB and doing more various stuff. Since we live in IL and since we have plenty waterways here with the Fox River and the Chains-O-Lake, I am very interested in getting a boat. A small wakeboard/sport boat. Something the boys would enjoy as well as the adults.

Not sure. Not turning my back on riding, of course not, but maybe there is more to it. Maybe I want to chill.
Been riding my MTB a bit more recently, trying to get stronger in the back, and legs and wanting to go off-road longer.

Did I get scared a month ago when I realized what the crash could have resulted in, a few inches away? Probably. Do I think the risk is worth taking, hell no. Not at my age, not for fun. I am not scared to go back on a track and ride. No, it's more the thought that this is one of the things that can easily happen... not cool.
I wish there was more "traditional", Euro-style MX tracks around here. I am fed up of the 90-ft jumps, the step-up combos, the rhythm sections and all other things that make track harder and not fun if your not clearing it all. If I had the cash, I'd start an "Old School" track somewhere around here.

Work... too much to tell. Later.

Went to watch The Bourne Ultimatum last night. Wow, what a good movie. Good storyline (thanks Mista Ludlum) and good rhythm.

Need to go to the movies more often.

Went to Loretta's, went to Red Bud, went to Millville.

In the Lites, with only 1 race to go (especially Glen Helen), there is little doubt that RV will win. Great for him. Awesome rider. But I wish BT101 would have snagged the title away this year. He's a great character, rides awesome, had great speed and deserves it. I guess they all deserve it. Too bad Dungey got hurt, he would have made a great 3rd.

In the 450 class. Wow. So sorry Bubba couldn't capitalize on RC's departure and really bad DV crashed out of the series but what a finale. I am rooting for GL8, rooting for the South African.

Football season is back. Rugby World Cup is on. Weather is good and my wife is hot! :) Things are good.

Need to talk about work one day.