Jul 15, 2007


Yo yo yo!!! It is Sunday mornng and I am slowly "recovering" from my 40th B-Day party last night. Actually finishes this morning, he, he, he.

So no MX or race for me this weekend, although I wanted to go race the Nuke 2 at Byron, Il or go to 'Dilla.

Having coffee and croissant, listening to the Weeg's broadcast of the Unadilla Lite Moto 1 (great to see Hepler in the top) and watching the German MotoGP.

Sweeet way to wake up at 40 :)

Actually, I don't feel any different (why should I?) and still as young in the head as ever, ha, ha, ha.

My 40 year-old resolutions: get my pilot license current again and back into flying, take RXR Protect further in the US, make sure my family is all cool and start working on getting a boat for next Spring :)

Have a great weekend!!