May 2, 2007

Vegas this weekend.

Getting ready for Vegas.

DV is Top 5 in the series and got the Top Privateer Award. Cool. Bubba is the SX Champ for 2007. Oh my! deserve. What a racer.

In Seattle, Michael Willard put a 125 2-strokes in the Main event of the Lite. Hey, Tony Alessi, do you remember the conversation we had about this, in Detroit with Sleetdawg? Well.... 2-Smokes in the Main!!!

Willard was doing it for the Rupert 2-Smokes Challenge. This gets him about $3,000 (kick-a$$) and a nice big cheesy check that we will hand over in Vegas.

Been riding on Saturday. About 4hrs of riding and MX school.

So long.