Apr 3, 2007

Catching up, been lazy keeping log

Sorry Ya'll!! I have been traveling a lot and not been able to spend time on here keeping my log (eer, blog) up to date. I would like to put as much as I can on paper but this will have to come back in tit-bits.
After the Indy Dealer Expo, I took Cheri and the boys to the St Louis Supercross. Good times. We saw RC's last win in the Midwest; racing was awesome in the Lites; the All American KTM FirePoliceMX team is really cool and it was good meeting our buddy Andy Bowyer again.

From that I went for a few days in Texas, at the Amateur National at Oak Hill, just by Decatur. What an eye-opener. Amazing racing; great kids; great organisation; awesome track; lots of fun; very pro; something I can't miss in the future because the future of RXR Protect in America goes through the Amateur ranks. Met some cool people and had good time, hanging out with Brian L, and spending time with the Boyles.

Back home and off to Indy SX with Cheri. Arrived on Friday night, on time to make the R2R go-cart event which was held in support of Doug Henry. Very good night, I made the main (finally!!) after some crazy lap time in my heat - I still can't understand how I pulled that out, and there's no way to cut the track there. Bad Billy, The Weege and D.C. were there, Rupert and Dave and our comrades from IL, Kevin Boyle and the Czernics. Really fun night. Cheri, Kevin and I ended up somewhere by the Conrad, in a cool bar.
Saturday at the race was super busy as usual. Found some free time to go watch practice with Ron and the DeCal Works team.
We got lost looking for a place to get dinner before the 'night show' and ended up in this crazy beting place with Rup and Dave. It was pretty... interesting.
Another great race awaited for us. Bubba cvomes back from dead last to give a good lesson of MX to the Chad. The Lites are the best show.

Back home and quickly had to fly to California, Orange County, for a week of work around So-Cal.

Got back. Next week is World Mini in Vegas. Getting ready.